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In 1957, Toyota became the first Japanese automaker to compete in a motorsport competition when they entered the Round Australia Rally. Although Toyota finished 47th, this humble entrance into the world of motorsport sparked something special. Toyota quickly created Toyota Sports Corner, otherwise known as TOSCO. TOSCO had the objective of creating competitive vehicles for all sorts of races and rallies.

When 1976 rolled around, Toyota renamed its racing division from TOSCO to TRD (Toyota Racing Development), and in 1979, TRD USA was established, bringing Toyota’s racing pursuits to the states. Toyota Racing Development experienced success with its specially created Celicas and Corollas, but they became particularly famous for one type of vehicle in particular: trucks.

Little did anyone know when Ivan “Ironman” Stewart joined TRD in the early 80s that this would be the beginning of one of the most successful partnerships in history. Mr. Stewart would go on to win multiple driver of the year awards in TRD modded trucks. Maybe the most impressive of his accomplishments was winning the Baja 500 not once, not twice, but seventeen times. That is a record that holds to this day. In addition to his seventeen Baja 500 victories, he also won three Baja 1000 rallies. If you would like to read more about TRD’s history, then you can click on the link below, and if you would like to learn more about Ivan “Ironman” Stewart, you can read about him on his website (also linked below).

After more than a decade and a half of victories in truck rallies, Toyota decided to create a full-size pickup for everyday use. Enter the Toyota Tundra. Renowned for its reliability and utility, the Toyota Tundra has been a well-revered vehicle for two decades. Now in 2019, the Tundra has taken TRD’s history to heart and offers special TRD products and a TRD Pro trim to celebrate its heritage.

The first TRD option that is available on the 2019 Toyota Tundra is the TRD Off-Road package. This optional package adds special TRD equipment to the SR5, Limited, and 1794 trims of the 2019 Tundra. It can only be added with the 5.7 liter V8 engine that is standard on the Limited and 1794 trims. The 5.7 liter engine is an option on the SR5 trim.

If you opt for the TRD Off-Road package, you will experience special shocks designed for driving on trails. These shocks are paired with 18-in. TRD-emblazoned wheels. Special TRD mats carry this same emblem. Adorning the wheels are special off-road tires for better performance driving off the beaten path. LED headlights help add more visibility, and special skid plates protect your vehicle. Finally, the TRD Off-Road adds tow hooks to the front of 4x2 models (4x4 models have these hooks standard).

Available exclusively on the Tundra SR5 trim is the TRD Sport package. The TRD Sport package upgrades the wheels from 18-in. to 20-in. These larger wheels get special Luxury Sport P275/55R20 tires. The TRD Sport package also comes with new shocks like the TRD Off-Road package and adds TRD Sport exclusive anti-sway bars. To add to its unique image, the TRD Sport package comes with color-coded mirror caps and bumpers. Like the Off-Road package, the TRD Sport package comes with LED lights.

But these are merely packages. If you want the full TRD experience, then you are looking for the 2019 Tundra TRD Pro. After sitting out the 2018 model year, the TRD Pro trim has returned in all its glory. Like the TRD Pro trims for the Tacoma and 4Runner, the 2019 Tundra TRD Pro comes with the Voodoo Blue exterior color option. This color is not offered on any other vehicles in the Toyota lineup except the TRD Pro series. In addition to Voodoo Blue, the 2019 Tundra TRD Pro comes in Super White and Midnight Black Metallic colors.

Beyond its unique color, the TRD Pro trim comes with a unique grille. Instead of the Toyota logo you know and love, the black mesh grille comes with big block letters spelling out “TOYOTA” for all to see. There is also a new hood scoop to separate it not only from other current Tundra trims but also from previous years of the TRD Pro trim.

The outside of the vehicle is not the only place that has received upgrades. The TRD Pro trim comes standard with Entune Premium Audio for better listening. A moonroof also comes standard on the TRD Pro trim, something that does not come standard on any other trim. Even though the 1794 and Platinum trims start off more expensive, you would still have to pay extra to get a moonroof.

Now, aesthetics are wonderful. A moonroof and premium audio are fantastic. But those are simply cherries on top. The real heart of the TRD Pro trim is performance, and it is designed accordingly. Unique 18-in. BBS forged black alloy wheels come standard on the TRD Pro trim and provide for a greater driving experience. Special TRD cat-back exhausts help keep you powerful, and new Fox brand shocks keep your truck at peak performance. Gear Patrol says this about the shocks: “The previous generation used TRD-tuned Bilstein shocks, which were fine—but the new setup for the Tundra brings an additional 1.5 inches of suspension travel to the front and two inches to the rear, paired with 2.5-inch reservoirs to hold the additional oil needed under demanding conditions.”

Add to these features a greater 2-in. clearance for better off-roading and a superior skid plate, and you are off to the off-road races. While you’re at it, the standard LED lights will keep your path clear. LED fog lamps are also included for when the conditions get rough. As Autoblog puts it in their review, “Toyota has put its money where it matters on this truck.”

If you are interested in purchasing a 2019 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro or simply one of the lower trims with a TRD Package, you can visit us at 515 W Coliseum Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN 46808. You can also call us at (260) 482-3730. We hope to see you soon.

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