2019 RAV4 Comparison Review

Hybrid Option is Rare in Class.


The RAV4 has an Impressive Fuel Economy of 27 mpg city/34 mpg highway.


Toyota has a Stellar Warranty Program.


Toyota Ranks 2nd in Dependability as a Brand According to J.D. Power.


The RAV4 has a Sleek Design.


4th Best-Selling Car of 2018, Number 1 Best-Selling in Class.


Why should you buy a Toyota RAV4 in 2019? Aren’t there other brands such as Honda, Subaru, Jeep, Cheverolet, and Nissan? There are so many options in the market that it can be difficult to decide which car is truly best. Well, here at Evans Toyota, we believe in our products. We believe that our 2019 RAV4 is the best option for you in its class. Here’s why.

First and foremost, the 2019 Toyota RAV4 is one of the only vehicles in its class that offers a hybrid option. You will not see a hybrid CRV or Forester on the US market. At least not yet. Honda may be working on bringing their Hybrid CRV to the states, but for the time being, Toyota has already been making hybrid compact SUVs for a few years.

If we do look at another hybrid on the market, the 2019 Nissan Rogue, the RAV4 is listed higher on MotorTrend’s rankings (article linked below). For those that want a more environmentally friendly compact SUV, the RAV4 is the way to go.

Even outside of its hybrid model, the 2019 RAV4 has impressive fuel economy. The 2019 base model, according to MotorTrend, gets 27 mpg in the city and 34 mpg on the highway. Comparable cars do not fare quite as well. The 2019 Subaru Forester clocks in at 26/33, the 2019 Honda CRV at 26/32, the 2019 Jeep Cherokee at 22/31, and the 2019 Ford Escape at 21/29 (all numbers from MotorTrend.com for base models).

The 2019 version of the RAV4 will get you where you are going without forcing a gas stop every five feet. Additionally, if you do purchase a 2019 Toyota RAV4, it comes with a 2 year/25,000 mile scheduled maintenance warranty. This covers oil changes and required fixes. This is a deal you won’t find at many other dealers. You also will have roadside assistance for unlimited miles for the first two years after you purchase. Other dealers such as Subaru, Nissan, and Honda only offer roadside assistance up to 36,000 miles.

Toyota is widely known as a company that takes care of its customers. In 2019, J.D. Power ranked Toyota as 2nd in its dependability rankings. Toyota cars get you where you need to go and hold up for years. When you invest in a 2019 RAV4, you are purchasing a car that will last you for the foreseeable future.

On the same rankings, brands like Nissan and Honda are not mentioned. Subaru is mentioned, but they lag behind Toyota in problems per 100 vehicles. Toyota remains a strong brand that continues to improve. Although cars ranked were from the 2016 calendar year, you can rest assured that Toyota has continued to work on their vehicles, making sure that we can maintain this ranking well into the future.

If J.D. Power is not enough proof, Consumer Report has also ranked Toyota as having the best reliability in 2019. In 2018, USA Today ranked Toyota as the 5th best overall car brand, above Honda, Nissan, and Chevrolet. Here’s a snippet of what they had to say: “Toyota is the only car brand that ranks highly in terms of market share and overall owner satisfaction.”

Maybe one of the reasons that J.D. Power and Consumer Report have Toyota ranked so high is some of the safety features that the brand offers. On the 2019 RAV4, you can have not only a rear-view camera that helps you back out, but also a “Bird’s Eye View” camera that allows you to see everything around you as you back out. Beyond the cameras, there are several standard safety features such as pedestrian detection, lane departure alert, and automatic high beams.

Functionality is key, and safety is of the utmost importance, but let’s be honest. We want our cars to look good too. Well, the RAV4 has received some impressive reviews on its look. In MotorTrend’s review of Compact SUVs, they say the RAV4 has, "Great interior design, mix of materials, and ergonomics.” Additionally, when describing the 2019 model’s interior, Business Insider said, “Material quality was outstanding, and everything felt well put together.” Both reviews also mentioned the use of Apple CarPlay, a feature which allows you to connect your iPhone directly to the car’s touch screen system.

Finally, the RAV4 was the best-selling passenger car of 2018. According to Motor1, it sold 427,168 units that year alone. In fact, there were only three vehicles that sold better than the RAV4 in the United States last year. All three were trucks. The Nissan Rogue sold 412,110 units, the Honda CRV sold 379,021 units, the Chevy Equinox sold 299,449 units, and the Jeep Cherokee sold 239,437 units. That’s a difference of 15,058 units on its closest competitor and 187,731 units on its furthest competitor on the list. And the list only covers the top 20 selling cars!

Because of its hybrid option, its impressive fuel economy, Toyota’s reputation, and the RAV4’s personal dominance of the market, we believe this car is perfect for you. Remember that USA Today said that Toyota is the only brand that ranks well in units sold and owner satisfaction. We do not simply sell a lot of cars. We sell a lot of well-made cars that you will love for years to come. The RAV4, in particular, will get you where you are going and do it in style.

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