2019 Avalon Comparison Review

Above Average Horsepower.


Solid Fuel Economy.


Great Value.


Top of the Line Safety.


Toyota Branded Quality.


With a new remodel, this is no longer the Toyota Avalon of the past. The 2019 Toyota Avalon is redesigned to mix the comfort it has historically been known for with a more power than it typically has enjoyed in the past. With sports trims as well as standard trims to suit your preference, the 2019 Toyota Avalon is here to provide a comfortable, enjoyable ride with a bit more power than you expect.

One of the first things that jumps off the page when you read about the 2019 Avalon is its standard horsepower. When you look at some of its competitors, you see that the 2019 Buick LaCrosse comes standard with 195 hp. The 2019 Chevy Impala is just a little ahead at a standard 197 hp. The 2019 Kia Stinger does a little better at 255 hp. Then you look at the 2019 Toyota Avalon. The standard horsepower on the Avalon is 301.

Not only does it have a solid kick, but it also gets solid fuel economy. The 2019 Avalon gets 22 mpg in the city and 32 mpg on the highway. Others in its class do not hold quite as strong. The 2019 Kia Cadenza runs at a 20/27 split. The 2019 Chrysler 300 gets 19/30, and the 2019 Chevy Impala gets 22/29. As you can see, the 2019 Toyota Avalon runs a tad bit higher than all of these, but that is not the best it can do. The 22/32 split is simply on the base model. If fuel economy is important to you, you can purchase the hybrid version of the 2019 Avalon. The hybrid version runs at an incredible 43/44 split.

The 43/44 split is a major reason why US News and World Report ranked the 2019 Toyota Avalon Hybrid as the best value large car of 2019. The 2019 Avalon keeps you out of gas stations longer, saving you money. But it also maintains its value over time. Kelley Blue Book has the 2019 Avalon retaining 47.8% of its value after three years. After five years, it retains 34.3% of its value. That score earns the Avalon second on KBB’s rankings for large cars in 2019.

A car is only as valuable as it actually lasts, though, which is why it is so impressive that the Avalon is the only sedan on Motor1’s list of the 15 vehicles that are most likely to reach 200,000 miles. The Avalon achieved twelfth on the list with 2.5% of its cars reaching 200,000 miles. You may be thinking that only 2.5% is not that impressive of a number. Well, for perspective, the highest percentage on the list was 7.4, which went to the Toyota Sequoia. Additionally, the Honda Odyssey, known around the world for lasting forever, lies at thirteenth, one spot below the Toyota Avalon.

The 2019 Toyota Avalon does not only have great value but also great safety. The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) awarded the 2019 Avalon a five star overall rating for safety. The NHTSA, in addition to its ratings, recommends that four technologies be installed on any new vehicle. These are Forward Collision Warning, Lane Departure Warning, Crash Imminent Braking, and Dynamic Brake Support. All four come standard on the 2019 Avalon.

The IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) agrees with the NHTSA. They have selected the 2019 Toyota Avalon as a Top Safety Pick+. For their rankings, they carry two awards: Top Safety Pick and Top Safety Pick+. The former indicates a vehicle performed well in all capacities but was not up to the highest standard. The latter means the vehicle is at the top of the top for safety. The IIHS Top Safety Pick award is so exclusive that only two other vehicles besides the Toyota Avalon in the large cars class earned an award. Popular choices like the 2019 Buick LaCrosse, the 2019 Chevy Impala, the 2019 Chrysler 300, the 2019 Dodge Charger, and the 2019 Ford Taurus are nowhere to be found.

Is this any surprise, though? We take pride as a brand in the fact that our cars hold up. Six of our vehicles earned Top Safety awards in 2019. J.D. Power, in a 2019 study on dependability, ranked Toyota second among all brands. The only brand that ranked higher than Toyota was Lexus, which is Toyota’s luxury division. In this study, it states that the industry average is 136 problems per 100 vehicles. Toyota clocked in at only 108 problems per 100 vehicles.

All of this is why reviews like US News and World Report’s come out like this: “The Avalon delivers a terrific ride, solid performance, great safety scores, and a well-built interior.” This is a car that was designed for comfort, built for more power than you would expect, and finished with solid fuel economy for its class. The 2019 Avalon is a great value because it keeps you driving longer and retains its value at an incredible clip. It will keep you safe until the very end of its life. Why? Because we designed it that way. We are Toyota, and that means quality.

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